Thursday, 22 February 2018 05:08 pm MST

Oriental Cultural Community Service Centre (OCCSC), officially registered with the Government in Edmonton in 2013, is a non-political, non- religious, non-profit, autonomous organization.

The purpose of OCCSC is to inherit and carry forward traditional Chinese culture, and to promote members’ wellbeing, happiness and harmony of life. By holding a variety of cultural and entertainment activities and organizing a series of health courses and seminars, OCCSC nurtures its members the positive attitude towards life, creates a platform for Edmontonian to exchange ideas, introduce Oriental culture to Edmontonian, and strengthens ties among various ethnic groups.

OCCSC is only established for three years, but is rapidly growing and becoming a predominantly new community in Edmonton. Members are from different places, speaking different languages and local dialects. However, we quickly becoming good friends because we share the common interest, we have the same value, and we are working towards the same goal.

In three year, our activities have expended dramatically, from a single square dance class to the current schedule of four classes a week including Tai Ji, Zumba fitness, folk dance and various exercise classes. We now have over 200 members.

For three years, we have actively served the community. We have provided volunteer performances at annual Edmonton International Heritage Festival, senior homes, the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration show. We have raised fund for the people in the disaster areas.

For three years, we have organized a variety of cultural and recreational activities. We organized the Chinese Food Festival during the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. We visited Germany commune. We held a nostalgic party. We have also organized various annual activities such as the graduation ceremony, the summer hiking trip, the "family day" in the park, the Christmas and New Year's dance parties.

For three years, we have achieved tremendously!

For three years, our hearts filled with pride and confidence!

In the future OCCSC will continue its mission to promote Oriental culture in Canada, to encourage the cultural exchanges among various ethnic groups, to contribute to the multiculturalism in Canada.


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